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I'm Aly, I'm a junior. I'm a hopeless romantic. Cheers to these teenage years. ♥
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“City Lights”
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"With you, your voice can calm me, your touch can relax me, your heart beat can rest me, and your lips they can touch me. With you it isn’t about sex and it never will be. With you I want something that when I stare at the moon I think of you and how I wonder if you’re looking at it too. With you I wonder what embraces your hand because I don’t want anything to feel better than my hand in yours. With you I look in your eyes and see so much more than my world, I see my universe. With you I don’t care if you wear makeup or dress in your finest clothes because I’m with you, and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else."

Emma Pintal (via offtheocean)

"Start by thinking less, I tell myself. Do more. Love more, and it will come back to you. So far in life I’ve done the opposite. Like some mysterious sea creature, I’ve loved from afar, then added more and more protective and hostile layers the closer I’ve gotten to the object of my affection. The longer the relationship, the more I’ve seemed to withhold. Why? Because, I think, shedding those layers would mean I would eventually come to know myself. What a terrifying thought."

Violet Young, The Urge To Rip Up Love And Start Again (via feellng)
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if ur against breast feeding in public omfg…..you may not know this….but that’s literally what breasts are for

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